Sunday, June 10, 2012

Planning and Plans

I have had a few folks inquire about plans for this cabin and I am happy to help anyone who is interested.
My first question would be to define to importance of mobility because the trailer can be expensive. Also,
The structure is fairly simple and any skilled carpenter should be able to conceptualize what is going on by simply looking at the pictures I have posted. Money is a factor and if someone is interested in being thrifty and using salvaged materials that will surely extend the completion timetable immensely.

As with all construction projects there are three major consideration and typically the lack of one of them will dictate the direction of any given project. Time, Money and Quality: Generally, fast and inexpensive= Low quality, fast and high quality= expensive, high quality and  inexpensive= you are doing it yourself and it will take forever.So, you need to be realistic about all theses factors before you embark.

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