Sunday, May 6, 2012

 The dormer at the stair landing has not been raised and completed yet. It will get pushed up and stabalzed and sealed.

 a bed will go in this loft and a desk will be built at far dormer window.
 Lake in the distance through the trees. Taken from loft.
 Center area of the floor has been insulated and raised as a result the sides are yet to be done.
Under the stair landing will be the mechanical closet and the toilet will be in an enclosed area on the stair landing to the right of the stairs.
 Wood stove is dismantled for the warmer season

I have some new picures of conttinued construction


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2012

    Looks great Nick! You've done a fantastic job with it. I'd love to live in a smaller house similar to the Cai House. Are you setting it up permanently at the lake?

  2. Hi Nick,
    I've been coming back to your blog for a couple of years now, eager for more news... what a terrific concept you have! Have you gotten as far as considering making plans available, for someone like me who lives in California?

    the very best of wishes to you on your project!

    1. I have plans and would be happy share them.
      While this first structure I have is on a trailer and intended to be portable and conforms to road limitations when it is folded up, I think the structure could also be considered a kit that could be transported on a standard lowboy construction equipment trailer and set up without the trailer under it. Although I have used an inexpensive trailer for my base and it has worked fine, the cost of a proper trailer to transport the structure interstate is not inexpensive. That,combined with the fact that there is some work involved with setting it up suggests that why spend a lot of money on a trailer that is rarely going to be used? I think most people would set it up once maybe twice so folding it up and putting it on a lowboy (with a crane) might make more sense, either way it is fun.

  3. Hi Nick,
    Good points about trailer cost. I am intrigued with the idea that BECAUSE it is on a trailer, it may then be exempt from permitting, and your concept delivers the most floor space of any tiny house on a trailer that I've seen so far. Once it is fully set up and electrical/ plumbing connected, etc, can it be folded again?
    The stair placement and planned toilet placement on the landing seem a very good idea to me, too. How does weather-tightness work with the folded joints at floor/ wall/ roof?

  4. Tracy,
    I was originally motivated by the exempt from permitting concept and it lead to this design. Most municipalities are on to this type of thing and have regulations on the books that prevent extended parking or storage of RV's, that said, they don't always enforce them. I got a permit as an accessory structure for my cabin and I can not put in a bathroom in it without sewer permits and a new use permit.So I can leave it parked, setting it up takes time and if I want spend the night and need a bathroom I am permitted to have an RV for that purpose but it can only stay on the lot for 21 days per year.
    As far as sealing the cabin from the elements, there is flashing and corner boards that need to be installed and or removed during and after setting it up. Most of it is very simple the most difficult being the dormers. Although it does fold up as you can see from the photos I would say that it is a kit/prefab cabin as well.

  5. Hi Nick,
    I'm still turning over design ideas you have modeled so well with your house! Thanks for your replies, and I'll keep watching for further updates.
    Perhaps regulations will change before too much longer to accommodate new ideas!

  6. I am curious to know what you what your regulation concerns are? Back when I was considering marketing the cabin I was confronted with "what is it" from a regulation and banking stand point, thus I researched ANSI 119.5 which refers to Park Models. Eventually I threw in the towel on the marketing plan, it was ruining the fun. Many people encouraged me to patent the design blah blah blah, I don't think there is a real market for this, most people who embrace the concept have little money. There are successful small modular design and manufacturing companies who cater to big money though. I don't have the guts to pursue the glory. I am a Construction Manager in VT and I keep busy so the cabin if for fun.