Friday, March 6, 2009

Follow up on ANSI 119.5

In a prior post "Main Stream" I discussed the ANSI 119.5 standard and the Park Model Industry.
After reviewing the ANSI 119.5 standards I have decided that Cai House does not fully conform to the standard and I don't want to make the changes to the make it compliant. It would radically change the second story design and I feel that is a unique characteristic too valuable to sacrifice. Park Models are have to be move in ready when they are delivered to a site so the fold out and assembly is not compliant with the Park Model Industry Standards. Secondly, there is a lot of competition in that market and a lot of the products are very similar. Finally, the Park Models require the construction be on a chassis. Cai House is a Micro House that can be put on a special trailer to transport. The two are separate entities so Cai House does not comply with the standard yet again.

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