Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Structural options

There are a series of posts, beams shearwalls and standard framed walls and or structural insulated walls that enable Cai (tm) House to stand up straight. The main beams which span up to 16' and are 24' long can be fabricated out of several types of lumber species in a classical post and beam fashion. To view the appearance of this method This classic post and beam style would also include the four posts supporting the main beams and two cross members stabalizing the posts. There would also be one main beam running down the middle supporting the floor of the loft. Another less expensive and perhaps less attractive method would be the use of engineered lumber. Paralams Timberstand, Glulams and LVL's can be viewed at
These products can be left exposed or wrapped with other wood or finishes. The connections used with these products are steel saddles with bolts.

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