Saturday, February 7, 2009

Main Stream

Cai (tm) House views main stream from the outside. In an effort to make Cai (tm) House a more marketable and a tangible player in the industry I recognize the need to conform to standards. This will ultimately enable the lending institutions to embrace the structure which will greatly the expand the customer pool. A logical step in this process is to evaluate the entry into (RPTIA) Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association. I have contacted these folks and have ordered the ANSI-119.5 code standards from them. This code is the foundation of their organization, and I will evaluate the code to determine how I can meet or exceed their standards. This group is focused on seasonal and vacation uses of these structures, and as one might expect there will be an additional set of codes related to the permanent housing use of these structures which will vary from state to state.

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  1. I think that getting to a "standard" is the right thing to do. Good idea.